Asked why I shared the video, below, I eventually came to the following answer: One of the challenges I’ve faced as I aspire to Love Unconditionally has been a question of how to relate to people who ignore the cultural taboos regarding sex and relationship.

But ‘Unconditional means Unconditional’ and that’s forced me to examine the relationships that I have with my own ‘sluttiness’, with my own regard for ‘convention’, with ‘judgement’ and with ‘grace’.

In my counseling-style practice I have clients who support themselves and their families through sex-work.

A few of my friends are discretely engaged in sex-work.

They tend to live an uncomfortably isolated life due to the shame associated with their work, yet these woman are often providing a quality of connection that makes the unbearably lonely and emotionally-isolated lives of some of their client’s somewhat bearable.

As strange as this might sound, there are aspects of sex-work that could better be described as love-work.

My research into the correlation between attachment wounding and emotional pain allows me to feel compassion for the men and woman who elect to deal with their emotional-agony by seeking out safe and non-judgemental human contact in a culture where there are few options available unless you are in a sexually-active and emotionally fulfilling relationship.

This video has done an extremely valuable job of humanising the lives of at least a small number of woman who do sex-work, and for that I am grateful.

Philip Be’er