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Study the Learning to Love Curriculum Online

The Learning to Love Curriculum is available for study, online at UDEMY

At last count we have 460 students from 62 different countries enrolled

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Far Beyond Modern Psychology - Part 1 and Part 2

Everything that you'll learn in this course has an immediate, practical, life-transforming application.

The wisdom contained in the course is a synthesis of traditional wisdom teachings from around the world, contemporary insights into Psychology, and a deeper analysis of what makes humans human.

I've always been fascinated by how things work and that led me to a career in engineering, but my greatest achievement, thus far, has been the creation of a BEnome Map describing, in detail, how our psyches function.

Understand exactly what’s going on in your unconscious mind every time someone says or does something that feels so blissful, you wonder if you could ever get enough, why you sometimes feel a powerful need to completely avoid a person, and why you’re sometimes attracted to a person’s personality or behaviour, while at other times you feel repulsed by the same person … and how easily the person you're loving and the person you're hating can be You!

This Orange Balloon makes Schools Safer

A Great Way to Completely Remove Bullying and Abuse (in all its forms) from Schools

In this course we explore a trauma-informed approach to the removal of bullying and all forms of violence from schools, in particular, but also from homes and workplaces.

Our youth should not be thinking about safety when their attention should be on the web development, software programming or the other subjects that are really important to them.

Parents need to know that the bodies, mind and souls of those most precious to them are being well taken care of.


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Philip Be'er

Ten years ago, I took part in a personal-growth retreat that opened a door to massive improvements in the quality of my life.

In that one week I experienced more growth and healing than I’d experienced in the twenty years preceding.

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Philip lives on Vancouver Island, on the West Coast of Canada.