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If we want

less school violence

reductions in sexual assault

improvements in mental health

fewer suicides

ZERO school shootings

safer schools

that demands a
fresh approach!

Emotional wounds that I sustained at school took decades to heal.

Those experiences left deep scars on my soul.

By developing an anti-harm program that's easy to understand and implement , I'm doing what I can to prevent future harms.

The L2L program takes zero time away from the academic curriculum.

Children who are feeling accepted, worthwhile and loved, are not driven to harm anyone (including themselves).


Research has concluded that Criticism, judgement, blame, shaming etc. only exist in (EMOTIONALLY TOXIC) environments where children, teachers and parents are not feeling accepted, worthwhile and loved.


Moving away, Abandoning, Ghosting, Disappearing, Hiding, Lying, Deception


Aggression, Passive Aggression, Criticism, Sarcasm, Conflict, Blaming, Controlling, Shaming, Rejection, Projection of Judgements


Leaving Body, Ignoring, Escaping into Fantasy, Sudden Overwhelming Drowsinesss/Fatigue, Loss of Consciousness, Getting Drunk/High

* L2L - Learning2Love (Unconditionally)

L2L* detoxifies the school environment, increasing emotional safety, for children and educators.

How do we know when stress is present?

Step 1

Flight, Fight or Freeze reactions problematic stress is creating a Toxic environment

What other indications of problematic stress should be be looking out for?

Step 2

Distraction |Self-medication | Lack of Physical and Emotional Wellness

Where is the stress coming from?

Step 3

In the absence of imminent physical danger, stressors are visible on the LEFT SIDE OF THE WALL in the Simplified BEnome Process diagram

How can we protect ourselves, our children and everyone working in the education system?

Step 4

Provide Emotional Safety Toxicity disappears

47% of Canadian parents report having a child who is a victim of bullying

40% of Canadian workers experience bullying on a weekly basis

Program Outline - Take a look at the list of modules that we include


I feel blessed to be able to explore my humanness with a like-hearted soul who is on his own healing journey and who shares profound insights and wisdom regarding my personal growth, emotional healing, emotional intelligence, and my inner journey.

Wendy Killoran

Retired Teacher - has worked closely with Philip Be'er

This Orange Balloon makes Schools Safer

A Great Way to Completely Remove Bullying and Abuse (in all its forms) from Schools

In this course we explore a trauma-informed approach to the removal of bullying and all forms of violence from schools, in particular, but also from homes and workplaces.

Our youth should not be thinking about safety when their attention should be on the web development, software programming or the other subjects that are really important to them.

Parents need to know that the bodies, mind and souls of those most precious to them are being well taken care of.

Contact us if you'd like to bring this program to your local school/s

We're based in Canada and work with English-speaking schools around the world using advanced video-conferencing tools

"There's more to see, than meets the eye"

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Philip Be'er

A little less than ten years ago, I took part in a personal-growth retreat that opened a door to massive improvements in the quality of my life. During that week I experienced more growth and healing than I’d experienced in the twenty years preceding.

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Philip lives on Vancouver Island, on the West Coast of Canada.