This diagram captures the relationships between social-connectedness and social-harms like addiction, mental suffering and suicide. It provides a powerful tool for allocating resources, shaping perspectives and replacing the existing paradigm with one that is healthier, more peaceful and much more loving.

To fully explore the implications of what’s being presented here could take a year (and it could several lifetimes), so I’ll get you started by pointing to the PEACE or HARMONY cycle that we’re in whenever our nervous system is detecting an ABSENCE of physical and emotional threats.

That loop goes from 1 to 2 and back to 1 repeatedly, hundreds, or even thousands of times in a minute. We might describe it as a state of Peace, or a state of Safety.

It’s rare for us to spend much time experiencing Peace or Safety. Most of our lives experience involves a constant repetition of steps 3 to 34.

Many of us also struggle to escape the loop between 15 and 42 and/or the loop between 33 and 41.

The higher the number and the greater the severity of incidences recorded in a person’s ☢ Repository of Traumatic Memories and Lessons, the higher a person’s risk of Shame, Pain and MARGINALISATION. The key to preventing marginilisation and creating a healthier society, is to drive  3 to 10 toward the left. We can achieve this with extensive education and the adoption of profound shifts in our priorities.

This chart has been created at a time when our world appears to be slipping toward Darkness. Embedded within it are valuable clues for Restoring Light.

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Philip Be’er