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I just got off the phone with the extraordinary Philip Be'er, with whom I’ve been having powerful sessions in what I think is best described as Shadow Work. He’s identified an amazing and effective process and it WORKS SO BEAUTIFULLY!!
If YOU think you might be ripe for this kind of help, I highly recommend you consider getting in touch with him. I’ve already recommended him to many beloved people.

N. Calgary

I took this course. The insight looking at my darkness/shadow side and transforming how I view my "perceived" flaws was amazing. Taking a look at my insecurities as a parent and human in interpersonal relationships was transformed from guilt and isolation to strength and validation and........ Community...... I no longer question if I'm good enough. I know I am. I have truly released myself from the "behavioural loops" that held me back from moving forward and claiming the life I want.... Acknowledging the life I have created and how very far I have come. I am released from shame and guilt of doubts and past "learning lessons" vs "mistakes." I am a good mother, advocate, woman and potential partner for someone when the time arrives.

M. British Columbia

"Each of us was given a particular combination of wounds, gifts, talents, and imperfections that merely gives texture to the quality of our experience.” ~Wayne Muller

Oh, to laugh raucously and to cry unabashedly with someone I trust, this is a gift. I feel blessed to have support from @secureloving on my healing journey. I have learned that it takes courage to request help when delving into one’s inner being. I am learning to fully love, accept, and whole-heartedly embrace all aspects of my being. We all possess both sides of the personality traits on a spectrum: selfish/generous, unkind/kind, disconnected/connected, insensitive/sensitive, hypocritical/truthful etc. I am learning about using strategies which help me embrace my dark and my light parts, including using creative visualization. I am working on fully loving all aspects of myself, so that I can be better prepared than ever to be open to entering a relationship, and so that I can be able to give and receive love unconditionally and securely with my future beloved/playmate/soulmate/partner. I feel blessed to be able to explore my humanness with a like-hearted soul who is on his own healing journey and who shares profound insights and wisdom regarding my personal growth, emotional healing, emotional intelligence, and my inner journey. “We are simply human beings and we all have pain, we all have sorrow, and we all hurt.” (Wayne Muller) Pain inspires us to look inside, to learn, to question and overcome antiquated beliefs, to transform with new behaviours and beliefs, as we all strive to become a better person today than we were yesterday. It is never too late to change. For myself, life is a lifelong learning process and I feel blessed to learn from all my life experiences, even the challenging uncomfortable ones. kayakwendy

@Kayakwendy - Wendy Killoran

I know that not everyone’s ways of doing things work for everyone else...and that makes perfect sense to me. But when I find someone who does a thing that REALLY works for me, it’s still hard to imagine it wouldn’t be JUST THE THING from which everyone else would super benefit. As those of you who know me well know, there have been significant barriers to my ability, lets use that term...’adult’...effectively. Yes, I acknowledge and appreciate that in some ways I adult with excellence. Those aren’t the ones I needed help with. It was other things. And I’m getting help, this past month, that exceeds, in terms of effectiveness for me, anything I’ve yet encountered. I call it shadow work. I think more of the world’s shadows could be effectively integrated/illuminated with Philip Be'er’s help. If this is something you think you might need help with, I recommend you give him a shot.

N. Alberta