When I’ve tried to manage or to control my emotional pain, the pain not only persisted, it got much worse. Ignored or ‘managed’ long enough, it would eventually find its way ‘underground’ resulting in more intense suffering.

Pain is our body’s way of bringing attention to disturbances that need to be healed, rather than subdued. When we try to silence the messenger, our nervous system simply amplifies the message or, once it can no longer increase the volume, it begins to attack itself causing increasingly severe physical ailments, one of these being cancer.

Rather than attacking the ‘pain’ messenger, I encourage my clients to focus on DISSOLVING the underlying stressors (stressful thoughts, attitudes and beliefs) that are keep ‘fossil’ trauma alive decades after the trauma was initially ’embodied’.

When we dissolve the stressors, not only the trauma, but also the trauma-memories begin to vanish and we find ourselves moving toward a state of healing.

If you look at the BEnome map https://www.b-loops.com/guide-prevention-emotional-psychological-harms/, the column on the left (numbers 3 to 10) provides a guide for identifying and isolating our stressful thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. Philip Be’er www.b-loops.com