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L2L* detoxifies the school environment, increasing emotional safety, for children and educators

* L2L - Learning2Love (Unconditionally)

At some point in my late teens or early twenties, I remember reading a book by Erich Fromm with the title "To Have or to Be?"

The concept of BEING' had such a profound impact on me that more than thirty years, later I'm dedicated to helping people BE the way they want to BE.

I've working, for example, with clients who have BEEN ANXIOUS for as long as they can remember, and would like nothing more than to BE something other than anxious.

I'm working with clients who have BEEN DEPRESSED, helping them to BE someone who is no longer depressed.

Some of my clients and students are sick of BEING ADDICTED, BEING UNLOVED, or BEING DISRESPECTED.

Now, with the help of the BEnome Map and other tools they're mastering the art of BEING LOVABLE, BEING SOBER and BEING RESPECTED.

Almost from birth, we've been taught where to direct our attention, how we're supposed to view the world, and what we're expected to ignore.

Those lessons were, unfortunately, was not working very well for me: I was suffering and in pain and although I'd tried a hundred different techniques, I could find no relief.

Close to my breaking point, and as if by some miracle, I was introduced to some outstanding teachers (representing the characters, below) who trained me to use techniques capable of dissolving pain and foster the development of more loving relationships with the world, with ourselves and with those realities that are beyond our power to change.

They trained me to see the world using special lenses.

With their training, my pain dissolved and it has never returned.

They shared with me that once I'd experienced this new way of being, I'd want is to share it with others - they were absolutely correct.

If you look below, you'll see some of the incredible tools that have been helping clients BE the way want to BE.

If you'd like to BE happy, healthy, and worthy of loving then click the View All Services button.

I'm here to support your quest for love, health, growth and happiness.

Philip Be'er


We always have a good reason for doing the things we do, and a reason for doing them the way we do!


Character traits and behaviors that annoy, irritate or scare you the most belong in 'your Blue'.

You feel unsafe when exposed to them.


My BEnome Map can be used to identify the source of stress at any moment in time.

Lower stress means less conflict, less illness, less anxiety, less depression, less pain, less need for control and less addiction.


I took this course. The insight looking at my darkness/shadow side and transforming how I view my "perceived" flaws was amazing. Taking a look at my insecurities as a parent and human in interpersonal relationships was transformed from guilt and isolation to strength and validation and........ Community...... I no longer question if I'm good enough. I know I am.  M. British Columbia 

I know that not everyone’s ways of doing things work for everyone else...and that makes perfect sense to me. But when I find someone who does a thing that REALLY works for me, it’s still hard to imagine it wouldn’t be JUST THE THING from which everyone else would super benefit.     ... And I’m getting help, this past month, that exceeds, in terms of effectiveness for me, anything I’ve yet encountered. I call it shadow work. I think more of the world’s shadows could be effectively integrated/illuminated with Philip’s help.  N. Calgary

I just got off the phone with the extraordinary Philip Be'er, with whom I’ve been having powerful sessions in what I think is best described as Shadow Work. He’s identified an amazing and effective process and it WORKS SO BEAUTIFULLY!!

If YOU think you might be ripe for this kind of help, I highly recommend you consider getting in touch with him. I’ve already recommended him to many beloved people.  N. Calgary

"There's more to see, than meets the eye"

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Philip Be'er

A little less than ten years ago, I took part in a personal-growth retreat that opened a door to massive improvements in the quality of my life. During that week I experienced more growth and healing than I’d experienced in the twenty years preceding.

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Philip lives on Vancouver Island, on the West Coast of Canada.