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Learn how to love and you’ll never feel isolated, lonely or rejected again. My goal was to write a book that is so powerful that it would allow readers to heal anxiety and depression, to free themselves from a need to control, and to effortlessly dissolve compulsive behaviors and addictive patterns. Learning to Love is ideal for self-helpers, health professionals and for anyone who wants to alleviate suffering.

Since my daughter was born, eighteen years ago, I’ve been searching for an effective way to disrupt the transfer of multi-generational dysfunction. Everything that I discovered about disrupting these patterns evolved into Behavioural Loop Theory, so that parents completing the exercises in Learning to Love are guaranteed to notice improvements in their relationships with their children and their partners (and in many cases, with parents and former partners).

As a former bully, I wanted to describe how to use love for the prevention of bullying, as kids and as adults.
We’re constantly being told that love is the key to alleviating conflict and Learning to Love describes in detail how love can be used to create lasting peace. The future of this planet hangs on our ability to master the art of loving.

Learning to Love contains more than twenty original artworks by international artist, Markus Fahrner. It includes 48 lessons in love and over 200 powerful exercises. Use these exercises to heal your relationships, to save your marriage, to recover from separation or divorce, or to become the soulmate that your dream partner is waiting to meet.

Join the Learning to Love Community by hosting a Learning to Love Salon. Ongoing support for salon convenors is available through http://www.b-loops.com/love.

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Learning to Love – 136 page paperback.


More than 50 MIND-BLOWING LESSONS-IN-LOVE and over 200 intriguing exercises make it safe and exciting TO ACCEPT and TO LOVE difficult people exactly the way that they are!

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