Eight Week Course in Parksville

with Philip Be’er - Author of “Learning to Love – Your Guide to Personal Empowerment

If you:

  • are a survivor of childhood traumas
  • someone who has experienced painful loss
  • someone who has survived a life-disrupting event

…this course will free you from your past!

Philip Be’er is a Seeker, an Author and a Mentor, recognised for developing Behavioural Loop Theory and for describing a pivotal relationship between Shame and Attachment/Love/Acceptance. Philip’s unconventional approach to the transformation of persistent habits, depression, anxiety, addiction, bullying and suicide has proven to be simple, effective, rapid and inexpensive.

Based on "The Learning to Love Curriculum" this eight-week course addresses the following topics and more:

  • Conditional Acceptance – Conditional Love;
  • Irrational Behaviour;
  • Feelings and Thoughts are Related;
  • Vulnerability;
  • Connect OR Die;
  • Fight or Flight;
  • Cellular Memory - Post-Traumatic Stress;
  • Persistent Patterns and Emotional Habits;
  • Behavioural Loops;
  • Belonging;
  • Need for Connection - Fear of losing connection;
  • Futility;
  • Love = Accepted + Connected + Understood;
  • Control;
  • Avoid DOING, Avoid BEING, Act CUTE, Be LIKABLE;
  • Community;
  • Judgement;
  • Emotional Self-Defense;
  • Psyche Attacks Itself like an Auto-Immune Disease;
  • Shame;
  • Aspirational Shadow;
  • Soothing;
  • ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’; ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’; ‘Safe’ and ‘Unsafe’;
  • Generation to Generation;
  • Loss of Identity and Core Wounding;
  • Follow Your Reactions to Reveal Unconscious Patterns;
  • Emotions are Our First Line of Psychological Defense;
  • Unconditional Self-Acceptance;
  • The “Love Comes from Outside of Me” Delusion;
  • Love vs. Isolation;

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Leaving Your past Behind

To create a safe and a cohesive Leaving Your Past Behind study group we need to know a little about who you are, and why this course would be valuable to you at this particular stage in your life.

* Please share as much, or as little, information as you feel comfortable sharing.

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