Make Secure Loving Your Business

  • When you've finished reading this, scroll down to read the comprehensive list of symptoms that can be easily cured through exposure to Secure Love
  • Applied Love transforms working environments and every business should have at least one specialist in Love
  • Students thrive in a loving environment, yet how many educators do you know who are qualified to teach Secure Loving
  • It's fun to joke that adult's shouldn't be allowed to become parents until they've received a parenting license, but who's qualified to teach these parents how to Love Securely

Earn Your Degree in Applied Loving - Make Secure Loving Your Business

Study directly with Philip Be'er, Author of Learning to Love - Your Guide to Personal Empowerment

Training is based on "The Learning to Love Curriculum" which is the foundation-stone for any education in Applied Love.

Students meet anywhere from once to five times per week, via Zoom or Skype, directly with Mr. Be'er.

Each session, (or conversation) lasts roughly an hour, exploring a chapter from "Learning to Love - Your Guide to Personal Empowerment" or examining examples brought forward by the student.

Within about six to twelve months, most students are experiencing a remarkable personal transformation, having applied lessons from the Learning to Love Curriculum to their own circumstances.

Whereas most academic courses are taught cerebrally, this course engages a students heart, mind, nervous system and soul. Training is complete when the student has learnt to instantly recognise their own Reactive Behavioural Patterns and has become comfortable encountering his/her Blue (These concepts are explained in the course).

Students have undergone such extensive growth and transformation by the time they complete the course that no certification is necessary ... Students Embody their Diplomas.

Once qualified, students are fully equipped to apply, to model, and to teach Secure Loving in every conceivable environment.

Prerequisites - Applicants need to:

  • Be open and ready to do Inner Work
  • Feel driven to transform their own lives and the lives of others
  • Be able to speak fluent English
  • Be unimpaired by any kind of substance
  • Be emotionally-resilient enough to do this kind of work
  • Be eighteen years or older
  • Be selected as a suitable candidate
  • Be able to afford the course (Cost is determined on an individual-by-individual basis that accounts for factors including Country of Residence)

I've been the most depressed I've ever been this past fall. Working almost daily with coach/counselor Philip Be'er had been helping me enormously, and I think his perspective/approach could help you too. He's built on the work of Paul Ferrini (which to honest I wasn't particularly familiar with) and taken it (at least) one step further. It's really only for people who are ready and willing to take supreme responsibility for everything they say, do, feel and believe. Which as you are witnessing, most people are not and it feels really hard to be around them. Please give him a call for a free consultation and see if he resonates. One reason I really like working with him is he shares our common heritage and background, so I feel really understood and" gotten" by him. And he's a great listener and gives generously of his time. Work with him now while he's still available!

I took this course. The insight looking at my darkness/shadow side and transforming how I view my "perceived" flaws was amazing. Taking a look at my insecurities as a parent and human in interpersonal relationships was transformed from guilt and isolation to strength and validation and........ Community...... I no longer question if I'm good enough. I know I am. I have truly released myself from the "behavioural loops" that held me back from moving forward and claiming the life I want.... Acknowledging the life I have created and how very far I have come. I am released from shame and guilt of doubts and past "learning lessons" vs "mistakes." I am a good mother, advocate, woman and potential partner for someone when the time arrives.

Contact Philip Be'er, directly by email or phone to schedule your intake interview.


Phone: 1~~778~~235~~2990

Email: Philip  [who is at]

Philip lives on Vancouver Island on Canada's West Coast

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The Health Benefits of Love

  • Feeling Securely Loved is the antidote to Emotional Stress
  • Feeling Securely Loved eliminates the need for Anger
  • Secure Love is the most effective antidote for Isolation & Loneliness
  • Secure Love is Energising & an effective antidote to Chronic Fatigue
  • Chronic Sadness & Grief eventually dissolve in the presence of Love
  • Neck/shoulder aches are more common when Secure Love is unavailable
  • Troubles with Digestion can more often than not be traced to in-Secure Love
  • Secure Love cures Emotional Numbness
  • Difficulty Focussing & Attention Deficit are symptoms that often arise when Love is not Secure

Secure & Unconditional LOVE cures the following symptoms and conditions*:

*More often than not

  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Fatigue, chronic
  • Depression
  • Strong Cravings
  • Stomach pain
  • Eating Disorders
  • Anxiety / Phobias
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Difficulty in Relationships