Depression, seen through the lens of LOVE:

A sense of futility that reflects the mistaken belief that: “No matter what I do, I will never feel connected, I will never feel loved and I will never belong. So there’s no sense in doing ANYTHING!”

Why is it so important to feel connected?

As babies and children, our survival was dependent on an adult who would feed and shelter us, and who would comfort us when we were afraid or lonely. This remains true for us EVEN AS ADULTS!

Children (and adults) only feel loved when they’re experiencing:

1. Unconditional Acceptance (Being accepted exactly the way that they are),

2. Secure Connection (attachment),

3. Their needs are being Deeply Understood!

You can cure most forms of psychological depression by becoming your own source of Love:

Few people can teach you how to do this, so please pay close attention to the slides that follow. The practice can be challenging, but it’s remarkably simple.

Your goals are to:

1. Unconditionally Accept Yourself (I mean 110% – Your Good, Your Bad and Your Ugly)

2. Create a Secure Connection with your Self,

3. Deeply Understand your own needs; completely accept that you have these needs; and that your needs are important.

The reason you haven’t already done so:

1. Because your needs were never the priority of your caregivers – they were struggling to get their own needs met!

The reason you haven’t already done so:

2. While growing up, you did things; you thought things; you said things; or you believed things, in order to secure some semblance of love, and you have not been able to forgive yourself for these shameful expressions of self- preservation!

Learning to Love is:

The process by which a person learns how to forgive themselves for doing what was necessary for them to survive! Love dissolves shame and makes connection possible, often, for the very first time in an adult’s life.

Learning to Love:

IS the antidote to DEPRESSION! Here’s how you can learn to love:

We’ve written a comprehensive curriculum for learning to love:

“Learning to Love – Your Guide to Personal Empowerment”

Available at

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