Dr. Ed Tronick’s Still Face experiment, has been repeated millions of times and has consistently shown (over a thirty-five year period) that human beings experience debilitating emotional pain when they become isolated or separated from the individuals they rely on for love.
This is true for both children and adults!

100% of people develop ‘survival strategies’ to cope with the pain that results from disconnection and isolation:

1. Soothe (about 80% of people)
2. Sublimate (about 80% of people)
3. Solve the problem by becoming their own source of Love (about 0.000001% of people)

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Signs that you’re feeling disconnected and isolated:

1. You feel irritated or annoyed;
2. Someone seems to be judging something that you believe, something that you’ve said or done, something that you represent;
3. You’re comparing yourself to someone else;
4. You’re doing something, thinking something or taking something to relieve some stress;
5. You’re feeling ignored or your needs are not being considered;
6. You’re not being appreciated;
7. You’re not getting what you need.

A loving approach to curing addiction:

1. Is based on the assertion that it’s normal to feel the pain associated with disconnection,
2. That it’s beneficial to acknowledge this pain,
3. That individual strategies help us to tolerate the pain until we’ve permanently relieved our pain,
4. Judging the way that a person addresses their pain is a symptom of pain that the person judging must be feeling.

The most direct way to heal your addictions is to:

1. Overcome each of your internal barriers to connection;
2. Understand what’s holding you back from unconditionally accepting who you are;
3. Forgiving yourself for every one of the harmful things that you have said and done and believed throughout your lifelong pursuit of secure connection;
4. Learning to truly Love yourself and others!

The comprehensive curriculum for learning to love:

Learning to Love Your Guide to Personal Empowerment

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