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The role that emotions play in keeping us safe

Seeing a beautiful flower, listening to sublime music, tasting a delicious morsel of food, inhaling a heavenly scent or feeling the titillating sensation of a gentle touch on my arm can send me into a state of bliss. But over the last year or so, I’ve come to understand that the sensations I’ve described are…

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Knowledge is Power – Especially at this time of the year

If you dread the Holidays because it means spending time with your family, then I have some encouraging news for you: Family gatherings feel stressful because something invisible, but predictable, is occurring. If you had X-Ray goggles and could see what was actually happening, you would probably be shocked!

I think that it’s reasonable to expect newborn babies to be accepted and loved, UNCONDITIONALLY, by their parents and their family. Nothing could be further from reality!
My parents, for example, knew

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Are you bothered by people who are controlling?

What possibly can a person or a group of people do that could trigger emotional pain within you – what are the emotional equivalents for pain resulting from a sharp object, a treacherous fall, freezing or burning, ingesting a toxic substance or being attacked?

It turns out that there’s been one experience that can cause you emotional pain. Here are several words commonly used to describe the primary source of emotional or psychological pain: isolation, separation, disconnection, rejection, exclusion or being ostracised.

If you encounter a person who is being controlling (or if you notice that you are trying to control your environment) when there is no physical threat present, they (you) are reacting to a fear of disconnection.

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Disciplining Children

FIX IT WITH LOVE SERIES – Good Moms and Dads Don’t Discipline

So, if they are doing nothing wrong ⇒ and you are, nevertheless, disciplining them ⇒ Then there must be something inherently wrong with them!!!

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Where do Addiction, Recovery and Love Meet?

Where do Addiction, Recovery and Love Meet?
Philip Be’er, author of “Learning to Love – Your Guide to Personal Empowerment”, is interviewed on Vancouver Co-op Radio’s Talk Recovery Program, by Darren Galer and Frances Stone. This is a wonderful interview, suitable for everyone who is struggling in some area of their life, not just with addiction issues.

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