Philip Be'er

A little less than ten years ago, I took part in a personal-growth retreat that opened a door to massive improvements in the quality of my life. During that week I experienced more growth and healing than I’d experienced in the twenty years proceeding.

I had grown up in what felt, to me, like a ‘domestic’ warzone and over the years, had invested thousands of dollars and countless hours in individual and couple’s therapy … apart from my relief at making so much personal progress at the retreat, I was exhilarated to discover that I could access tools and techniques powerful enough to initiate radical personal transformation on a timescale measured in years, rather than decades!

Needless to say, I devoted the years following that retreat to mastering these tools and techniques while applying them to my own inner-evolution or inner-game. Whenever an opportunity to improve  or to refine these tools and techniques presented itself, I stepped up to the challenge, eventually birthing Behavioural Loop Theory, elaborating on Carl Jung’s ‘Shadow’, authoring the manual  “Learning to Love – Your Guide to Personal Empowerment” and more recently, introducing ‘Personal Compassion Maps’ and ‘Personality Spheres’.

I generally work with clients displaying symptoms of anxiety or depression, with their relatives and with anyone supporting them, and with anyone whose pathways to happiness and peace seem to be obstructed by unrelenting compulsions, by uncontrollable behaviours, habits or addictions.

Many of my clients are recovering from abuse and from other childhood traumas, from PTSD, domestic violence and suicidal ideation. In the majority of cases, the Learning to Love curriculum offers better outcomes than drug and medication based treatments. The Learning to Love curriculum is only taught by highly trained facilitators who are adept at recognising and counteracting the unconscious role played by their ‘*Shadow’ when supporting clients. The degree to which Learning to Love practitioners have integrated ‘Shadow’ elements, differentiates us from those healing professionals and practitioners remain reactive when they encounter elements of their own shadow in the clients they serve. (*Your shadow is visible in the Blue section of your Personality Sphere)

I strongly encourage anyone who finds herself/himself a point in life where transformative change can no longer be deferred, to invest heavily in freedom, self-acceptance and happiness by fully embracing the Learning to Love Curriculum revolution, now.

Your Inner Game

To anyone looking in, Jenna Forster’s family appeared commonplace, and yet subtle interpersonal dynamics within her birth family came close to costing Jenna, a mother of two young boys, her life. Growing up, Jenna felt that she constantly needed to prove she was ‘enough’, while living the emotionally exhausting life of a compulsive ‘people-pleaser’. Jenna put the needs of her employers, colleagues and her romantic partners before her own, rising to positions of authority and responsibility, while never really able to appreciate her remarkable accomplishments or to feel a sense of worthiness.

One day, Jenna’s system crashed. A debilitating infection, the result of a tick bite, brought this ultra-achiever crashing to her knees. Jenna’s immune system was so depleted by the time she fell ill that conventional allopathic medicine could do nothing for her.

Terrified for the future of her children and for her own welfare, Jenna was forced to confront her lifestyle and her priorities. Trained in Leadership Coaching, Jenna turned what she was teaching, inward, and began unraveling a story of how her people-pleasing-aptitude and her workaholism were in-fact survival strategies.  Over the years they’d enabled her to survive the challenges present in her family’s unhealthy interpersonal dynamics.

These, formerly, life-saving adaptations had stopped protecting her years earlier and had mutated, eventually threatening her very survival. Eschewing medicines that were now making her sicker, Jenna sought a different solution which included mentorship in the ‘Learning to Love’ Curriculum and working with a talented Naturopathic Doctor. This combination of approaches has enabled Jenna to improve her health, transcending her physical and her emotional scarring and liberating her from the harmful patterns of her past.

In 2016, Jenna began synthesising her studies in Leadership Coaching with the ‘Learning to Love’ Curriculum and her growing understanding of the body-mind connection.