Philip Be'er

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    H - Vancouver

    Excellent: Philip’s group is such a highlight for my weeks! His facilitation style is inspiring and touching. His ability to create a safe and relaxed atmosphere is a gift! He radiates love and support and comes across as open, reliable and authentic. Gratitude and appreciation!!

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    K. Nanaimo

    I am grateful for my Sunday night group "Learning to Love". I am feel heard and am learning a lot about myself. What makes it a bit more special is that it is led by a man. Philip Be'er I am grateful for you.

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    M– North Vancouver

    Breathtaking: Very loving energy in the group. Safe to feel vulnerable without any blocks. Philip is a very loving facilitator, making sure everyone’s needs for understanding course concepts are met! I highly recommend that program and especially Philip as its facilitator 🙂

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    M. Coombs

    I took this course. The insight looking at my darkness/shadow side and transforming how I view my "perceived" flaws was amazing. Taking a look at my insecurities as a parent and human in interpersonal relationships was transformed from guilt and isolation to strength and validation and........ Community...... I no longer question if I'm good enough. I know I am. I have truly released myself from the "behavioural loops" that held me back from moving forward and claiming the life I want.... Acknowledging the life I have created and how very far I have come. I am released from shame and guilt of doubts and past "learning lessons" vs "mistakes." I am a good mother, advocate, woman and potential partner for someone when the time arrives.

Most of the time, that which motivates our thoughts, our feelings and our actions is a mystery to us. Nevertheless, there is always an important reason for doing what we are doing, and a reason for doing it the way we do. The Learning to Love curriculum opens, within us, a ‘portal’ through which we can observe, and understand, Who we are and Why we are Being the way we Are.

Reaching through this ’portal’, we're able to eliminate our impediments to health, happiness and prosperity.

Philip Be'er