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Learning to Love is scheduled for launch in November, 2015. We're planning to print over 500 initial copies and we want to promote and to distribute Learning to Love far and wide. The book contains more than 50 ‘Lessons-in-Love’ and over 200 exercises. It has been written in a way that supports the book's use as a course guide or course-companion. Once Learning to Love has been adopted as a teaching and a healing tool around the world, we'll be on call, answering your questions and assisting our readers to make their local Learning to Love programs and courses as successful as possible.

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Learning to Love includes more than 13 original art pieces and has been formatted and laid out using color and space to maintain a reader's engagement when the content begins to feel emotionally challenging.

Or reserve your copy now at http://www.b-loops.com/love/. Enter coupon number 666. Page 2 from L2L

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Philip Be'er teaches love and emotional wellbeing. He is an experienced speaker and a published author.

Not Enough Love?
Private and group counseling sessions in Vancouver, B.C. and via Skype. Remove your barriers to self-acceptance and love. Create harmonious and loving relationships.

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